About Us.

Corrigan Lockett Ltd was formed more than fifteen years ago by Corrigan Lockett as a vehicle to drive his business ideas forward.

Property and property development with a retail bias was the basis of the business plan and Lockett & Co came into being when a niche market in the field of retail consultancy was identified.

Lockett & Co were retained to carry out retail surveys of stores and over the next few years more than 1250 were completed. The customer base expanded and we are now called on by several companies to fulfil this role.

Almost by default as businesses were being acquired and sold it also became obvious that there was an opportunity to develop a licensing support business to service retailer's needs.

Lockett & Co therefore began to offer a service to the licensed trade which has grown so successfully over the last ten or so years that we are now acknowledged as being the primary independent licensing consultancy in the country.

We are now the recommended provider of licensing services to the primary trade bodies including the NFRN, the NFSP and of course the ACS. We are also the recommended provider to several of the major wholesalers and buying groups around the country including P&H McLane with Mace, Your Store and Ace retailers, Costcutter, Key Lekkerland and Blakemores & Halls of Spar. We are also working with Bookers, Bestway and others in the Cash and Carry sector in some areas.

Over the years we have also specialised in forecourt licensing with more than 1200 successful applications having been made to date, with a success rate in excess of 99%. This is a substantial percentage of the 2250 or so licensed forecourts that currently trade in England and Wales and we are acknowledged as being innovators in this area.

We act as the out sourced service providers for several multi-national and domestic forecourt operators as well as many of the forecourt groups and of course independents are also included in our client portfolio.

But we must not forget the on trade where we have acted for both restaurant and pub chains securing new licenses or seeking variations for existing ones.

Whilst Lockett & Co has grown Corrigan has continued to develop his property business and various interests such as Lockett Property Holdings are well established.

The property divisions of the company can advise on many of the different issues that impact on retailers such as rate and rent reviews, refits and local authority planning issues.

We can also assist in the acquisition or disposal of properties and our wide range of contacts mean

that specialised assistance can be just a local phone call away.

The Lockett Group prides itself on its innovative and progressive record to date and looks forward to expanding its role in the retail, training and property sectors in the future.

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